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    This post is going to cover a wide spectrum of information for the relaunch, including features that are being carried over from the previous TeegeeCraft as well as what features are changing. This post will also cover a few of the new features, but not all of them. There are a few features that will be covered in a future post. Teegee and I want to thank everyone that helped out, including all of our staff members in various ways, but in particular our core day-to-day development team:

    DaBean [Manager Extraordinaire]: for your kickass ideas, testing bugs, messaging developers and keeping me on track
    BoyJamal [Developer Extraordinaire]: for providing such a big boost to the improvement of this server in so many ways
    Builder [Builder Extraordinaire]: for providing more eye-popping builds that never cease to amaze us
    Demi [Senior Admin Extraordinaire]: for setting up the shops, testing bugs, and giving me your valued viewpoints

    When Teegee and I first decided to relaunch the server we had a big challenge ahead of us. We knew we wanted to keep a lot of the core features that made TeegeeCraft great in the first place, but we also had new ideas we wanted to incorporate. The challenge in adding new ideas is that features we had previously may not return in order to make room for the cool new stuff. It would have been impossible to just keep everything before and add even more on top of it because then the server just wouldn't be able to handle it all... and that means lag... and lots of it. When the server relaunches there will be some lag issues because the server will be working extremely hard in managing all of the new data being thrown at it when players begin playing on it. We will be closely monitoring any possible lag during the first couple days and will take any necessary steps to make everything run as smooth as possible. All that we ask is for your patience during this Beta process. Spamming "LAG" in chat will only make the lag worse because spamming in chat is one of the many things that contributes to lag.

    I'll organize this post with 4 main headings: What Is Being Kept, What Is Changing, What Is Not Returning, What Is New. So let's start with:

    What Is Being Kept

    The first feature players will notice we are keeping is our amazing Survival spawn. Teegee and I tossed around ideas for a new spawn, but we just love the spawn we had so much that we just could not eliminate it. With that being said, there are parts of the spawn that have been tweaked, so it certainly isn't an exact copy. We have added a number of custom pieces of artwork around spawn to provide information as well as to give the server a unique and professional look.

    One of the features that we have always loved about TeegeeCraft Survival is the /rankup feature. This is a standard feature on Prison servers but we got the idea to incorporate it into Survival right from Day One of our first launch day on April 30, 2015. I have no problem calling our Survival server a hybrid between Survival and Prison. We keep the open world adventure aspect of Survival while also enjoying the grind aspect of the /rankup feature to unlock new kits and warps.

    I don't remember exactly when we added the AuctionHouse (/ah) plugin last time, but we are keeping it. We are also increasing the number of items Settlers (non-donor rank) can auction at once to 2. And all donors can auction up to 5 items. As a refresher, to auction an item just hold the item you want to sell and type /ah sell [amount] (replace [amount] with how much you want to sell the item for).

    We are definitely keeping mcMMO. The settings from the previous TeegeeCraft version are also being carried over. And we are also keeping mcMMO Mondays!

    Weekly Drop Parties
    Hmmm, are drop parties popular? YES! Every weekend we will be doing a drop party. There won't be a specific time, but the drop party will be on a Saturday or Sunday. And this time we won't have to always wait on me (Darklite) to host them, as we will be getting Teegee to sometimes host them! We will also be hosting other events like the Treasure Hunt and more.

    Killer Kits
    All of the Killer Kits are returning, and any players that previously purchased them gets to continue to use them!c

    The general server rules are going to be the same.

    There are other standard features that are being carried over such as voting, /wild (2 minute cooldown), /trade, crates and more.

    What is Changing

    We have put a lot of time into tweaking the overall design of the server. We have tweaked the player tab list to look a little more fancy, we have made the Teegeeboard smaller while also including more useful info (and the server will now remember whether you had the Teegeeboard up or not when you last logged off, so you don't always have to keep turning it off if you prefer to have it off), /warp shop has been overhauled to incorporate a very professional and unique way to access stores, and the custom world feature has been removed because it's now a "been there, done that" kind of thing. Having a custom world can be cool but the plugin actually constricts a number of aspects of the server in terms of overall control, so we decided to just stick to a regular Minecraft world. After all, it's all of you that will be making the world a cool and unique world through your own builds. We also have some very cool protected server builds located all around the world relating to the Knight Quest (more on that in another post). Our very own Builder444 has helped with some awesome builds including a challenging new /warp pvp map and the badass /warp fightclub (more on that later). The /warp vipshop will not be a part of the relaunch, but we do intend on adding it at a later date.

    Land Claims
    One of the first things we noticed in the previous TeegeeCraft was that a 500x500 land claim size was way, way too massive. I don't think I came across any Zirnitra players that utilized their entire space, and that's certainly understandable. So what we decided to do was lower the land claim sizes of the higher donator ranks (Zirnitra now gets 90,000 claim blocks which equals a still huge 300x300 size). Another reason for lowering the land claim sizes was so that we could also allow players to create 2 claims which has been a commonly requested feature. In addition, we are also allowing all players to use the /subdivideclaims command so that players can subdivide their existing claim to create a different set of permissions for friends. For example, if you have a claim and want to share it with a friend (but you don't want them to raid you) then just subdivide your claim and have your friend get access to only a certain designated area of your claim. You don't have to have multiple claims or subdivide your claim, but the options are now there for everyone to use how they wish.

    A very cool feature that's changing on TeegeeCraft is PVP. We are utilizing the heavily requested 1.8 PVP at /warp pvp! And as a way to find a balanced compromise the rest of the world will use the standard current Minecraft PVP. This will add an overall dynamic combat system for the server.

    Silking Spawners
    Remember before how only donor rank Talos or above had access to silking spawners? We are opening things up BIG TIME by allowing ALL players to silk spawners (only with a Silk Touch pickaxe). We felt that silking spawners was too popular and valuable of a perk to limit it to only donors. This also helps donors from being asked all the time to mine spawners for everyone else.

    /warp mine
    We no longer will be having those giant pyramids at /warp mine where players have to wait for a senior staff member to log on and reset. We now offer 4 different mines that get unlocked and these mines automatically regenerate every two hours or after 80% of the mine has been mined. This adds to the Survival/Prison hybrid mix and makes for a more interesting /rankup journey. /warp mine1 is unlocked at Rank D, /warp mine2 is unlocked at Rank J, /warp mine3 is unlocked at Rank P, and /warp mine4 is unlocked at Rank V. Any players caught trolling (stealing other people's blocks without mining their own) will have their access to the mine warp removed temporarily (or permanently if the issue persists).

    Auto Farms
    The rules about creating auto farms is remaining the same, however we have drastically reduced the sell price of items like cactus and melon to the point where it would probably be a waste of time and land space to make one. There are so many reasons for the nerfing of these sell prices that I don't even know where to begin. The main reason is because we want players to earn money from actually playing the game (mining, chopping trees, trading, auctioning, etc.) rather than stand near giant ugly auto farms that lag the server.

    Precious Perks
    New perks that are purchaseable from our Webstore include Fierce Flight (/fly), Bubble Breath (breathing under water) and Feather Feet (no fall damage). Please keep in mind that the /fly command is only useable in the wild, /spawn and mine warps (more on that later). No one (including Mods and Admins) can use /fly in the nether, the end or /warp pvp. This ensures a more fair gameplay experience.

    Rankup Kits
    Rankup kits (/kit squire, /kit sentinel, /kit paladin, /kit lord, /kit prestige) are making a return but have a very cool change. Remember how these kits had a 7-day cooldown? Well how about a 24-hour cooldown!? /kit sentinel (unlocked at Rank I) and above now include at least one Scratch Card (more on that later) for the chance to get additional rewards. All rankup kits, donor kits and killer kits now have fancy new named gear because we all know TeegeeCraft is all about dat fancy life!

    Donor Kits
    Donor kits have also been changed to reflect a more simple and balanced experience. Wraith and Zirnitra now have one kit (instead of two like before), but the extra good gear that was part of the 7-day cooldown kit is now part of the regular 3-day cooldown kit to help compensate. Also, all donor kits now get 1 Gapple. The reason for this is to help keep gapples more rare. Gapples were far too common in the previous TeegeeCraft. Diamonds and enderpearls have been removed from all donor kits as well because we are wanting to make the gameplay more challenging.

    /feed - /nomnom
    The /feed command used to be a part of the Wraith and Zirnitra perks. I never liked that command because it's just way too easy and completely takes away from a very basic Survival aspect: eating food. So what we came up with (which is 100% custom and not found anywhere else) is the /nomnom command. All donors from Aerico and above get access to it. The way it works is if you're Aerico and do /nomnom it will replenish 1 Hunger Level. If you're Banshee it will replenish 2 Hunger Levels. For every rank after that you gain an extra hunger level to replenish. And when you use the command you hear an eating sound to add some "reality" to the feature. Also, the command has a 10-minute cooldown which means food will not be totally obsolete.

    We believe we have found a stable plugin for /pv (for donor ranks Gryphon and above) and it has some great extra features not seen before. When you do /pv a gui pops up your available vault slots. And when you middle-click one of the vaults you can change the name of the vault (for example: Swords) as well as the icon for the vault (for example: a diamond sword) so that you can more easly organize your private vaults! During Beta, it is recommended to keep your really important items stored in physical chests because this plugin has not been tested enough to guarantee that the /pv database is fully stable.

    The /nick command is back for donor rank Hydra and above. The command is now unlockable for Settlers at Rank N. The only difference is that for Hydra and above you can now /nick yourself using color codes! Please keep in mind that feature is subject to rules, such as not using yellow (which is the staff name color) or bold/italic/underlined text (I want to continue to maintain a clean looking chat interface).

    mcMMO Points
    mcMMO points are still obtainable in certain ways like crates, but they are no longer a part of donor perks. What we have done for donor perks in relation to mcMMO is even better: mcMMO XP Boosts. From donor ranks Aerico to Phoenix you will get a 10% mcMMO XP Boost while you play. And from Talos to Zirnitra you will get a 25% mcMMO XP Boost. This means players are rewarded more through actual gameplay which is more fun and makes much more sense. During mcMMO Mondays (which provides all players with a 100% mcMMO XP Boost) donators will still be able to take advantage of that 100% boost on that day.

    The TeegeeCards themselves are staying as they are. And collecting all 60 cards still brings that $1 million prize. But BoyJamal has improved upon his previous card redeem plugin so that players use /card redeem (easier to remember than the previous /cardcash redeem command) which now opens a gui to place multiple cards into it. When you click the Redeem button it will automatically calculate the total amount of money and give it to you. This saves players from spamming the command over and over for multiple cards. Tip: hold onto the Shiny versions of your TeegeeCards because a few of them may be needed to complete a few of the later quests involved with the Knight Quest. TeegeeCard packs will no longer be sold on the webstore in order to make room for other things (like the Precious Perks).

    Our /trash command (unlocked at donor rank Gryphon and above) has also been updated with a nicer looking display and the items no longer immediately disappear when you place items inside, thus allowing you to change your mind if you accidentally put items in there you don't want to throw away.

    Remember whenever you ranked up you would unlock a new token shop? For example, if you ranked up to Rank C you got access to /cshop. Well now that's been improved as well. There is now just one command: /tokenshop. And as you rankup the items you unlock to buy with tokens automatically get unlocked for you. Also, the number of Teegee Tokens you have is now displayed on the Teegeeboard.

    What Is Not Returning

    I know that many players utilized the previous /bottle command to bottle XP for later. This is a feature we have decided to remove in order to keep in line with our goal of making Survival more challenging. By bottling XP it severely diminishes the value of XP which is such a big part of the overall gameplay of Minecraft. We want players to have fun while also maintaining core aspects of the game.

    /furnace, /enchanttable, /brewingstand
    These were features of a few of the higher donor ranks. The plugin that used these commands was a horribly buggy plugin that I will never try out again. Also, those commands were also just unnecessary and (again) take away from core aspects of the game itself.

    Custom Furniture
    The custom furniture feature was one of the last features we added to the previous TeegeeCraft. They were fun to use but were also pretty buggy. We may add them again sometime in the future but for now they are not returning.

    Disguising yourself as different mobs was a fun cosmetic feature TeegeeCraft Survival has had for a long time. We found that most players didn't really use the disguise feature too often, and although they can be fun they don't really add much in terms of actual gameplay. But it is possible that we may bring them back in some form in the future.

    We are not adding TeegeeBucks right away but it's a feature we may add again in the future.

    /warp vipshop
    The /warp vipshop will be worked on sometime after launch, but it will take some time.

    /warp illuminati
    We could never really figure out much of a significant use for /warp illuminati in the previous TeegeeCraft so we don't know if that will come back again or not.

    The ZimmyDrops will not return right away at /warp pvp but we do intend on bringing it back soon.

    Fishing Rewards
    We have ideas relating to rewards for fishing that still need to be worked out, so the previous fishing rewards feature we had before is not returning. But we are intending on adding something cool for those hardcore fishers out there.

    Most of the icons for kickass stuff on our Webstore have been completely redesigned (except for the already awesome rank icons) to give the site a more unique and professional look.

    What Is New

    Knight Quest
    The Knight Quest is perhaps the biggest addition to the server. It will be an 8-level quest where you are given coordinates to meet with a Legend (named after our donor ranks of Aerico, Banshee, Gryphon, etc.) which will tell you what items to collect to complete that particular quest. After completing the quest you will be given new coordinates to meet with the next Legend and so on. In order to meet the Legend and start a quest, your /rankup letter rank must equal or exceed the letter beginning with that Legend's name. For example, if you are going to start the Gryphon quest you will need to be at least Rank G. Once you have completed all 8 quests you will be given the awesome Excalibur Sword (which will be the most powerful sword on the server) and you will also be granted the Knight rank (with the option to use the special Knight chat tag). A lot of work has been put into this quest and we're sure you'll enjoy it. But be warned: this quest is not for the faint of heart, as it is rather challenging. This quest was all custom coded by our Codemaster General, BoyJamal.

    Chat Tags
    We are now offering awesome chat tags on our Webstore to spice up the chat and allow you to stamp your personality onto the chat. We also offer the option to provide custom clan tags of your very own design! Rules and such will be provided in the forums at a later time.

    Water is the source of life, is it not? So why not add Thirst to the server for an added challenge aspect? Players can drink a bottle of water (provided in /kit starter and all /rankup kits), drink custom drinks (recipes will be added in a future forums post), or even eat watermelon slices, mushroom soup, or rabbit stew to bring your Thirst level back up. If you allow yourself to get too thirsty you will start to slow down and eventually you may even die. But don't worry, your Thirst level is easily found on the Teegeeboard and you will get automatic warnings in chat whenever your level starts to get too low.

    Click Dye
    For the Talos rank and above we also have the new Click Dye feature which allows you to change the color of any dyeable block (wool, stained clay, carpet, glass) with a single click (as long as you have the dye with you). It's a wonderfully convenient feature, especially for builders.

    Vote Party
    We have now added the popular Vote Party feature which gives out special rewards to all online players whenever the server has reached a certain number of votes. The number of votes relating to the Vote Party can be viewed on the Teegeeboard for easy reference.

    Teegee Hopper
    For Rank Talos and above we are adding a cool new option to craft and place a special hopper that acts as a comparator to make a sorting system for chests much easier to make and maintain. More details on this will be provided in a future post.

    Furnace Upgrades
    All players will now also be able to upgrade their furnaces simply by smelting a certain number of iron ingots. More details on this will also be provided in a future post.

    All donators will have an option to actually setup an easel and canvas on the server and make your own paintings using dyes! Exact instructions on how to make your own artwork (and share them with friends) will be provided on the forums at a later time.

    For donator rank Wraith and above, you will unlock the /block command which allows you to turn certain materials (like diamonds, emeralds, redstone, lapis, coal, iron, quartz, clay bricks, and glowstone dust) to instantly turn them into blocks instead of using them in a crafting table. You can even turn wheat into hay and gold nuggets into gold ingots.

    This post may not have covered every single aspect of the server, but I certainly tried. lol. After reviewing the changes I have mentioned I think you will agree that there has been an overall significant improvement in what is now offered. We have turned the dial up on making the server more challenging while also providing improvements and new additions for us all to enjoy. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me a private message on the forums or ask me on the server if you see me.
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    Well this is going to take a second to read
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    Yup, I do agree on that one
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    You need to remove /anvil as well, regarding its past issues and glitches in the command itself.
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    Yeah, /anvil was already removed before the server closed which is why I didn't include it in this post.
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    This Knight quest is intriguing.
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    The change on MCMMO points didn't work out too well. Someone already has 8k Mcmmo points~ And immediately it doesn't feel like it's worth doing MCMMO at all. Too demoralizing. I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    Edit: Granted, they donated to do it. And that's appreciated, and what not. But for non donators, it just takes the fun out of MCMMO entirely, and that was one of the things I loved most about Teegeecraft. The competition with Mcmmo was really really fun. And now.... Just feels shallow.
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    AGREED. I liked how it was removed from the kits, and how it was going to be leveled properly, but as you said, its been ruined entirely unfortunately :/
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    A lot of effort has gone through in this relaunch to balance perks out properly. When we first launched on day one of TeegeeCraft (April 30, 2015) we offered mcMMO Points for sale. So on the first day someone purchased Zirnitra (which gave them a whole bunch of immediate mcMMO points) and also bought a lot of mcMMO points. Serious (and valid) concerns were raised when this occurred so we nerfed the mcMMO points Webstore category in a couple ways which really helped. Thankfully we were able to successfully move past that issue and the server map stayed up for about 9 months without any reset.

    When we were working on the relaunch, we very much wanted to avoid a repeat of this issue so we took a number of steps to address it and resolve it. We no longer have an mcMMO Points category like we did on our first launch, we removed immediate mcMMO points from donor perks, and also balanced out kits and land claim sizes, etc. When we got closer to relaunching, it was felt that the Crazy Crate required some more value because the rewards didn't seem to be balanced with the Battle Crate. Some mcMMO points of varying values were added to the Crazy Crate. Upon inspection it didn't seem like the mcMMO points in the crate were high enough to warrant concern, especially considering we never, ever expected so many keys to be purchased in the first place.

    What we have done is nerfed the mcMMO rewards by over 80% for the Crazy Crate and also severely limited the number of crate keys (for both Battle Boxes and Crazy Crates) that players can purchase in a month. I am also looking further into taking other steps to resolve this particular issue.

    This relaunch has been successful in so many ways I didn't expect. I was expecting a lot more issues on Day One of the Beta launch. But it is nonetheless disappointing that it wasn't a perfect launch day. I want everyone to know I take your concerns seriously and it's my #1 priority to ensure we all enjoy a proper gameplay experience.
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    This does not really have anything to do with the relaunch (although I am sooooooooo glad it happened), but I am currently on rank C, and I was wondering when I will get more blocks to claim. I share a base with @Leonidas and my little brother, and I ran out of blocks to claim. At what rank will I get more claim blocks, or what else do I have to do?
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    ThunderGirl, they have changed the claiming system so now you receive all the free blocks right away. You do not receive more blocks like on the old teegeecraft. Now the only way to get more blocks is by buying a rank.
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    oh ok. thank you

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