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    Greetings TeegeeCrafters,

    After a busy week of testing and fine tuning, we are very happy to bring you some brand new and exciting updates this weekend. Without further ado here's what you have to look forward to!
    Sorry it is later than the Weekend - Bean Got Busy

    • Comparable Hoppers - Explained
    • Killer Kits
    • Realism Game play
    • Bugs/Fixes
    • Build Comp..
    • Teegee Magazine

    Comparable hoppers..

    Yes you’ve read it correctly, 4! new Upgrades are now available for Comparable Hoppers. Thanks to @Rusketh the following options are now available.

    Comparable Hopper Upgrade
    • Once installed the hopper always retains 1 of each item in its internal inventory.
    • Filters by block ID only, wool of any color will white list all wool colors.

    Advanced Filter Upgrade
    • Once installed a comparable hopper will no longer just filter by block ID (green wool white lists green wool only).

    Speed upgrade
    • Once installed a comparable hopper can move a full stack at a time

    Ender Upgrade
    • When linked, and installed the comparable hopper will no longer eject to an adjacent inventory. Instead the items will be ejected to the inventory at the linked co-ordinates.

    More information can be found about these Hoppers and the Crafting Recipes Here

    All these Upgrades can be used by Talos + And if Killer Kit Redstoner is purchased..

    Killer Kits

    You know we like to do things in 3 therefore i am happy to announce the following kits are purchasable from the Donor Shop

    /kit redstoner (Radical Redstoner) - Unlocks Comparable Hoppers .
    /kit eggz (Egg-static) - All the Eggs.
    /kit Key (Key Keeper) - More Keys.

    We hope you enjoy these - as much as we enjoyed creating them..

    Realism Game-Play

    What? What on earth is this?
    After Reboots. Certain Game-Play Elements will change - Some of them you may notice - some you may not..

    * New sounds - When dropping things from inventory.
    * Real Drops - Chickens will now Drop Eggs and Villagers will drop Emeralds when killed - This is on a chance of happening.
    * Punchable Damage - Now when punching a Hard Block ( Stone / Obsidian) you will get Half Heart Damage
    * Tree Drops - Now when chopping trees they will have a chance to drop Sticks (Branches)
    * Diving Helmet - Once this is worn it will give you WaterBreathing / Night Visions - Wearing this will also give you an increased chance to mine
    double the Clay you find ( Helmet will break once Water Breathing runs out - So do not go too Deep) Recipe can be found Here
    * Bandages - This will give you 6 Seconds of Replenish - Recipes can be found Here
    * New Crafting Recipes - Ever Accidently crafted Stick or Slabs - you can now turn them back to Planks - Recipes can be found Here


    We are aware of many Bugs and there are some fixes we have done - All will be listed below.

    * Issue with Cool-Down on /warp wild - Looking into this.
    * Issue with Enchantments not matching Preview on Battle Box - Looking into this.
    * Ongoing Issues with Combat - Hopefully found fix - Needs more Testing
    * All Permissions changed to allow access to commands - Fixed
    * Shop Signs need linking to shops - In Progress
    * Worth.yml needs fully updating - In Progress

    We understand it can be frustrating so if you do notice a bug or Glitch then please report it Here

    Build Comp

    Lastly if you have not noticed then we have launched a Build Competion
    The Results are in. And will be announced shortly :)

    Teegee Magazine

    I am happy to announce that we want to show of your Content and Videos - Please if you have any Content / Stories or Funny Videos of your Game-Play then send them to me.
    We are hoping to release a Series on the 30th of each month..
    My Details can be found below.

    Email - jimmyblackbean@hotmail.com
    Skype - J_Blackbean20010

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  2. Rusketh

    Rusketh Developer Developer

    Oh nice, I was wondering when the update post will go out.
    Probably worth noting that the Ender hoppers have a range of 32 blocks, unless you changed that bean?
  3. J_BlackBean

    J_BlackBean Server Manager Server Manager

    Range of 10 - but yes nice spot
  4. Rusketh

    Rusketh Developer Developer

    10 is to low a number me thinks. I would have it set to at least 16 as that is the full size of a chunk.
    Default is 32 witch is 2 chunks, the point of this is to save on tick rate issues caused by too many tile entities (hoppers are tile entities).
    No issues with it being 10, just personally would have gone higher.
  5. BrandyDJ

    BrandyDJ Helper (mods)

    Bean u not fix the Dual wield is not working
    and the head are not working is only said "mhf_(mods head)"
  6. BrandyDJ

    BrandyDJ Helper (mods)

    and sometime is have bug the Teegeeboard where the bal, 1 to 50 vote and token shop
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