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    Greetings TeegeeCrafters!

    I am super hyped to be typing this to explain updates for you guys and gals..
    • Staff Changes
    • /showitem
    • AFK changes
    • Bug Fixes & Other changes

    Staff Changes

    Starting today i would like to welcome to you 2 new Staff Promotions:

    Dancing has been promoted to a Brand new Title and will now be known as the Community Manager - this is a brand new role to TeegeeCraft so please bear with him and us while we decide on roles. The Idea of this role is very important to us. Dancing will speak to the Community and take a Fence post approach on ideas and decisions.

    Creeper has been promoted to Admin. We hope you welcome him into this role and support him.

    Show Item

    After this Morning Reboots you will be able to use the following 2 Commands.

    /showitem - this shows the item you are holding to players within a 16 block radius
    /showitem (Person) - this shows the item you are holding to a specified Player

    Please note any of these perms that are abused shall be removed.

    AFK Changes

    We have heard that a lot of people are getting Fishing Rod out of a claim and then killed.
    I am pleased to say that from today that this has now been patched. With this we have made changes to the following AFK times.

    2 Minutes - You will go AFK - During this time you cannot be killed by Mobs or move.
    10 Minutes - You will be Kicked for AFK

    If you return during the time you are AFK then in order to move again you have to either Jump or Type in chat.

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    We have spent a lot of time to fix a lot of things. too many too list but some are below.

    • Furnaces now keep levels when broken ( Yes we are still working on Double Drops)
    • Crates have now been updated so Vote Crates and TeegeeCards can be opened quicker
    • Vote Party Rewards - More added
    • /gift is now working.
    • A couple of Quests now fixed.
    • Removed /artmap - Maps cannot be crafted. this is due to Awesome Posters releasing soon.
    Hopefully you enjoy what we are doing.
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    #to many wb... ono
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    Is anyone else getting the bad lag when coming out of afk?
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