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  1. J_BlackBean

    J_BlackBean Server Manager Server Manager

    So as many of you know. TeegeeCraft is officially closing.

    When you ask?
    This week sometime.. Unsure of a specific date.

    i will try to get Mark and Teegee to write something on here but please do not badger them asking why it is closing etc as they do not need the pressure.

    i have also removed Grief Prevention from today - Yes that means no Claims at all.
    Good luck all.

  2. bigavi

    bigavi New Member

    i already chargebacked
  3. JustSomeoneYT

    JustSomeoneYT New Member

    Is there anyway we can help the server, like perhaps buying it?
  4. JustSomeoneYT

    JustSomeoneYT New Member

    These people that spent countless hours and spent thousands of dollars on this server are all mad. they want a chance to change the server if the admins wont. i am mad at the staff because of these reasons. We want a chance to keep running the server at all times. I understand that their must be some reasons why you wont help the server. this is not my battle to fight. but i represent what everybody else that cares about this server thinks. and they think is should be sold to a reliable source. Im not one of those, as i have no money of my own at the moment. Please do what is best.
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  5. JustSomeoneYT

    JustSomeoneYT New Member

    I mean, this is my go to server. Id perfer the server over Hypixel or even Mineplex. But thats just my opinion
  6. BrandyDJ

    BrandyDJ Helper (mods)

    will rats....
    I don't like grief...
  7. Joker

    Joker New Member

    Greetings, I am a player who regularly plays on your server and I have reason to believe that this decision is an awful one to make. Heres why. I am just another person who plays on here (IGN: JokerGamesYT) and I and other players such as TheOneAndOnlyJG, JustSomeoneYT, and Ekshou were talking about the future of this server. out of what I have heard and seen just today (only just found out it was shutting down), I was surprised and almost confused why this was happening. When I first joined today the first bit of text I saw was, "yeah, Bean said the server was shutting down next week or so I think" and I was confused by the statement and I asked, "what do you mean its shutting down isn't there anything they can do?" he just told me that they were just turning off. "Pulling the plug" if you can say that. JustSomeone (I'll just say someone) said, "they're just lazy and don't want to fix it." At first, I had disagreed thinking they are doing everything they can but I started to think about it and started to see multiple problems with his statement. We were talking and I brought up selling the server and we all kind of stopped and wondered about it and I felt like it was the easier thing and more "right" thing to do and they agreed with me. JG said that "I would buy this server any day." I said the same. The most important thing we had all talked about is the new management. This is crucial to this server's come back. Teegee and Darklite are rarely on and are usually doing their own thing when they typically are online. Which would use a change? If someone were to buy it it would be important if him/she and all of the players (which some trusted would become staff by their choice for a staff team or some from the old one who wants to continue) strictly based more of the server advertisement and how it is put out to the public for more players to join the game. In short, the most effective and pleasing for everyone is to sell the server to another creator to make your last bit of money before you move on and let TeegeeCraft's legacy live on into a better life.
  8. JustSomeoneYT

    JustSomeoneYT New Member

    Lazy is now that i realize, not a correct term. pardon the manners
  9. Dual_Shock221

    Dual_Shock221 New Member Premium

    id love to buy it
  10. JackThePanda

    JackThePanda Active Member

    Hi all,
    It is so sad to see such a great server go.
    To everyone who has spent money on the server you need to realize that it is an investment into maintaining the server. So yes it can seem to be a waste of money but, there is a risk with all investment that you loose it, as servers they do die out and there is nothing we can do about it we just have to accept it and move on. Teegee and Darklite are not 'Lazy' they have worked there arse of for this server over the past couple of year but things change and people move on, like i am sure they have as they have become too busy ,with personal issue, to give the server the attention it need and they have better thing to do at their age than run a mine craft server.
    I doubt Darklite will allow the server to be bought as it would no long be Teegeecraft as there would be no Teegee. I wish everyone who have been part of the server the best for the future <3 and allow the amazing memories that we have all made on the server live on!
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  11. JustSomeoneYT

    JustSomeoneYT New Member

    Jack, you have a point. Yes their would be no teegee for teegeecraft and they probably have better stuff to do. But speaking from the point of view of a person that rarely gets on *cough* me *cough* this server is probably the most addictive or just as addictive as Preston's Server. I have recently asked people what they have though of teegee. They said the knew what it was and if they had computers with minecraft they would probably play it often. My friend from Japan plays it as well with his brother. My friend that got kicked for hacking played it. And my other OG friend that could have done anything else has played it. They said they all enjoyed it. As you can tell I am a very argumentative person as I don't want to see this server go. But seeing the point you make, you are most likely right. I, however, choose not to give up on this until its gone. I am going to advertise against anyones will, even if it means my own ban. I am probably the most annoying person that any of my friends know, and the most persistent. I still belief that we could transform TeegeeCraft into a different name and into a more up-dative and closely watched server as many people would love to buy it. IF all else fails, then your point would be true, sadly.
  12. JustSomeoneYT

    JustSomeoneYT New Member

    Apologies guys. new server coming out, there is no reason for anyone to argue or fight. Bean is working on a new server so we should be good. As for the teegee server, there is nothing we can do. Dressy has addressed this

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