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  1. J_BlackBean

    J_BlackBean Server Manager Server Manager

    Hi guys.

    Before you start complaining. i have permission to advertise this here. If you want to come then that is fine.

    Before TeegeeCraft officially closed. Mark and Teegee and i talked about keeping the server, we came to the choice that TeegeeCraft would not be the same without "teegee" running it. I mean after all it is in the name as well.

    As a gesture to all the community i have launched a Simple server. It will not compare to TeegeeCraft - but hopefully in time i can make it an enjoyable server that people would "love" the same as TeegeeCraft was.
    This server has not copied Teegeecraft therefore it will be a whole new Survival Experience.

    If you want to join and check it out then feel free to with the following ip.


    Alot of people wanted 1.8 PVP therefore any client can join 1.8+ but the Gameplay Blocks and Commands will be 1.8 - If someone still joins with 1.12 then they still can use Chunk Visual and Achievements etc. So it will not limit Gameplay.

    As a Gesture of Goodwill aswell i am offering 10% off for any TeegeeCraft players that uses the Buycraft Shop. I understand this is not alot compared to how much money you spent on TeegeeCraft but i cannot hand out 200-300 Free ranks as this will Destroy me.

    If you want to take advantage of the 10% then simply go to the store and enter in the Discount code - Zimmy
    * 1 Person per Transaction..
    This will take 10% off you final Bill and will also work in conjunction with any Sales with have going on at the time.

    Hopefully i will see some of you there.
    And look forward into building back an Enjoyable Community again.

  2. ThunderGirl

    ThunderGirl __ThunderGirl__

    :) thanks bean. It really means a lot to me to not have to loose all those friends and like that ;)
    You'll definately see me on there
  3. EvilGnome100

    EvilGnome100 Moderator Moderator

    I know I've mentioned this a few dozen times already, but I REALLY love the look of the spawn. I look forward to seeing everyone on the new server.
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  4. OMGBlackIron

    OMGBlackIron New Member

    When is it gonna be open?
  5. tessalovesmb

    tessalovesmb New Member

    Sounds great I cant wait!! When will it be open?:)
  6. EvilGnome100

    EvilGnome100 Moderator Moderator

    It's open now. play.ordunaryminecraft.com
  7. tessalovesmb

    tessalovesmb New Member

    its not working for me
  8. EvilGnome100

    EvilGnome100 Moderator Moderator

    It's down for the moment, but it'll be up again in a few hours.
  9. EvilGnome100

    EvilGnome100 Moderator Moderator

    It's back and going strong.

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