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Discussion in 'Server Updates' started by Darklite, May 6, 2017.

  1. Darklite

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    Enough work on the server has been completed to where we can now announce a launch date for the Beta of TeegeeCraft: Season Two.

    Monday, May 15 at 6:00pm EST

    *** Keep in mind that this will be a Beta release which means we will be watching very closely for any bugs or performance issues. A lot of work has been put into the development of this relaunch, but we can't know for sure how things will run during the first few days. Please be patient if any issues arise during the Beta timeframe. I can assure you we will not rest until we have a wonderful server we can all enjoy. ***

    What happens when the server goes out of Beta? Will I have to build my base again and start from scratch?

    I expect a successful Beta launch. If crazy glitches or exploits occur during Beta I will do my best to minimize any possible rollbacks. Remember that this server has never, ever had to perform any major rollbacks for any reason which is very rare for servers and a testament to the hard work and careful attention of our staff. Once we have determined that we can end the Beta then I expect the server to just continue as normal without anyone having to start from the beginning.

    What's new and what's changing?

    Stay tuned, TeegeeCrafters.
  2. UsaLax738

    UsaLax738 Moderator Moderator

    Thank you for the announcement! Cannot wait! See you then!
  3. Sliick

    Sliick Nerd

    Woo <3
  4. furnishedspade

    furnishedspade President John Henry Eden

    You fuckers really like stopping my money don't you XD...
  5. Chris

    Chris New Member

    ;) ;) ;) T H I C C ;) ;) ;)
  6. Shinelle

    Shinelle New Member

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait.:)
  7. Sykon1010

    Sykon1010 Philosopher?

    Very excited~
  8. Si1enceDeath

    Si1enceDeath New Member

    omg yesss
  9. BlackDragon

    BlackDragon Member

    Lol, a couple days after my birthday.
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  10. EvilGnome100

    EvilGnome100 Moderator Moderator

    ...I was going to put something funny, but I'm too busy doing mental cartwheels of joy (only mental--I have the coordination of a drunk squirrel). YAAAAAY!!!!
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  11. Crimsonata

    Crimsonata Love Child

    I can live with this.
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  12. furnishedspade

    furnishedspade President John Henry Eden

    If your admin do you have a choice XdD
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  13. GhostRooster60

    GhostRooster60 New Member

    So happy I will be able to see you guys again!
  14. MelMay89

    MelMay89 Member

    Aww man, I'm going to miss it, I have work :( I'll be on Tuesday though :)
  15. Darklite

    Darklite Owner Owner

  16. BoyJamal

    BoyJamal Developer Developer

    very excited to show off some awesome custom stuff, that the whole community should love!!!
  17. TehCreeperMaster

    TehCreeperMaster Active Member

    So happy! I already know it's going to be amazing! :D
  18. biscket899

    biscket899 New Member

    im so happy to play but then I am gonna be 1 week behind... cause I cant get on the 15-21
  19. furnishedspade

    furnishedspade President John Henry Eden

    Ah hell yeah
  20. furnishedspade

    furnishedspade President John Henry Eden

    I'm taking the week off work to come play... I hate my life.

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