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  1. Teegee

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    The Build challenge is now closed. All entries must be provided to Teegee to finalise them for the selection process:

    How do you do this?

    Send Teegee a "conversation" on the forums with the co-ordinates of your build. Teegee will then copy the build and paste it in a special area for all to see your entries. The winners will be chosen one week from now.

    **If you have provided a schematic to Teegee, you do not need to provide the co-ords.
    Please have your message to Teegee sent before Monday, August 7th, 3pm EST.

    Hello hello!

    I am looking for the community to play a larger part in the server and to involve you guys a lot more and one of the things I would like to implement first, is a
    build challenge! YAY!

    You all pretty much know me very well, you guys know what I like and that modern builds don't overly float my boats much, I like old-timey stoofs, however, that being said, I wanna see your personality in the builds as well.

    So what am I looking for?

    • A 10x10 workable interior space
    • Build around the 10x10 to make it a house
    • I would like it to be functional as well as nice to look at
    • It can be tall, just not too tall
    • If you want little farms in it, that's cool too, whatever you like
    • The overall feel should match the build styles of our beloved Builder444 aka Saphrix in order to keep the feel of the server, but that being said, feel free to mix it up a little
    • No blocks that are too OP
    • Importantly: A unique build

    I am only looking for one at the moment, but depending on the entries, more than one may just have to be chosen, because I am well aware of the talents you guys have, so I know I might just end up with a bunch of awesome builds.

    If your build is not chosen this time around, do not despair, because there will be many more to come

    If your build is chosen, the build will be named after you and will be displayed prominently. You will also receive a prize that Darklite, Bean and I have not yet decided upon, but you guys know me, I friggin' love prizes, so there shall be some.

    I can not wait to see what you come up with! I am so excited!!!
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  2. UsaLax738

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    Good luck guys!
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  3. UsaLax738

    UsaLax738 Moderator Moderator

    Is this build supposed to be like a player's base?
  4. dressyspider

    dressyspider Moderator Moderator

    This is my first build in a while, so i am super rusty. Download link is below.
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  5. Teegee

    Teegee Owner Owner

    Yes, it should be functional as in a house/base
  6. Teegee

    Teegee Owner Owner

    I love it! Such an awesome cottage!
  7. Eirwen

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  8. dressyspider

    dressyspider Moderator Moderator

    I could not edit my post, so here are some pics.
  9. Sorryimthick

    Sorryimthick New Member

    Too bad I suck at building :(
  10. Teegee

    Teegee Owner Owner

  11. Teegee

    Teegee Owner Owner

    I don't think you suck, I have seen some of your builds and they have been good.
  12. UsaLax738

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    So is this supposed to be done by none on Saturday?
  13. Gervat

    Gervat Scrub

    I think we all know who won this building contest.
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  14. darth116

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  15. LunaLollipop

    LunaLollipop New Member

    Does it have to be 10x10? like does it need to be a square? >.>
  16. J_BlackBean

    J_BlackBean Server Manager Server Manager

    @usalax it can be done anytime. Just before the deadline
  17. J_BlackBean

    J_BlackBean Server Manager Server Manager

    Deadline extended.

    The challenge will end Sun, August 6th at 12pm EST

  18. J_BlackBean

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  19. Uniting

    Uniting New Member

    can i use my walls and make a old village drove to extinction by giant monsters called titans and forced to hide behind walls?
    Please answer soon
  20. Uniting

    Uniting New Member

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