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    Greetings TeegeeCrafters!

    Boy has it been a busy week with the upgrade to 1.12. I thought now would be a good time to take a little step back and have a look at everything that has happened over the past week. As well as a few new things to look forward to after today's reboots!

    As you may of noticed we are officially on 1.12. We would like to Thank You all for the continued support and patience for this update.
    As a celebration we have decided to launch /kit 112 - this comes with some Awesome Blocks and will give you a taste of that 1.12 Buzz.
    We are aware of certain Bugs. listed below and we are working hard to fix these.

    With the launch of 1.12 we thought what better time to launch the VipShop. If you have access to /kit swords then you should have access to this Warp. In the Shop you will find some unique things. Some of these include Enchantments, Selling at higher prices, Spawners Access, Ability to buy Spawn Eggs and Shulker boxes and of-course not forgetting the VIP Slots..

    If you do not have the "Swords of Swag" kit then this kit can be purchased from the Store


    We are pleased to announce that the Posters that everyone wants can now be purchased on the Store - these come as Maps and can be placed on Item Frames to make some Decorations for your house.


    A long with all the updates we have added 3 New /warps
    • /warp Vipshop - as mentioned above.
    • /warp suggestions - This is the "Tower" of suggestions. please make sure you suggest anything you want as a Community
    • /warp Casino - At moment this is the Teegeecraft Casino - We are planning on expanding this to include Roulette and 230218

    Bug Fixes and Updates
    • Issue with /vote - Now fixed. - Parrot added as spawn egg into the Vote rewards and all non Eggs have been Spiced up.
    • /msg showing as %player% - OK i was wrong - Still Broke
    • Hovering over a persons name shows details but also displays %player% - Fixed
    • /withdraw rounding up Decimals - Fixed
    • Exploit with /withdraw being able to be traded with Villagers - Fixed by adding Min /withdraw as $10
    • Head hunter - Not dropping heads - Currently working on this.
    • An exploit with /fly was mitigated
    • The shop Bannerboards have been removed to allow easier updates to happen to Sell and Buy signs.
    • Slot machines added for Vip use and /warp Casino use.
    • Issue with /warn - Fixed - Players will now receive an official /warn if they break rules.
    • Players getting fishing rod out of claim while AFK - Fixed
    • Updated TeegeeSays to reflect changes
    • Updated Furnace Upgrades to use money for upgrades instead of Item.
    • Issue with Second Hand - Investigating
    • TeegeeHoppers Re-work and now can be obtained by Talos and above. Learn about them HERE
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    Whats 230218?
  3. J_BlackBean

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    That is my code to something Secret :)_
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    grrrrrr you sneaky manager

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