Well well well...

First of all, Teegee and I are very grateful for the early excitement shown by the community regarding TeegeeCraft's return. Teegee is doing well and a couple months ago we decided we were ready to start development of TeegeeCraft: Season Two. A lot of progress has been made in the development, and although I cannot provide a relaunch date at this time we do expect to be ready for launch in about two or three weeks. Keep in mind this could change, but when we know a date we will immediately post it on the home page of the forums.

I cannot provide super specific information about what to expect in the relaunch but I can provide some important basic information:

What game mode(s) will be part of TeegeeCraft?

TeegeeCraft will launch as purely a Survival server. As fun and challenging as it was to have multiple game modes in the past, most players seemed to gravitate towards the Survival server. We always received comments about how fun and unique our Survival server was, and so we decided to make that our primary focus of attention. We intend on continuing to be the kind of Survival server our community can be proud of. This does not necessarily mean TeegeeCraft will never add another game mode, but our intent at launch time is to be a fantastic Survival server.

I bought stuff from TeegeeCraft. Will I get any of that back or do I have to buy everything again?

All ranks that were purchased before the server shut down will be carried over. Not only that, but any of the popular Killer Kits that were purchased for Survival will be carried over as well. This includes Swords of Swag, Awesome Alchemist, Mega Miner, Elite Enchanter, Bold Builder and Fancy Farmer. This covers the vast majority of purchases made on the server. Any other purchases will not be carried over. *Please note: The Swords of Swag kit included access to /warp vipshop. That warp will not be ready by relaunch but we will be working on that warp after the server launches.

What kinds of changes will Survival have?

This is where I have to keep things vague. Most of the core aspects of TeegeeCraft Survival will return: /rankup, mcMMO, TeegeeCards, weekly drop parties, etc. Some aspects will return at some point after launch, and some aspects will not return at all. The reason why some things will not return right away is because we are making room for brand new awesome stuff.

What happens if TeegeeCraft closes again?

After deciding to relaunch we also decided that last year is the last time we close the server. Teegee and I are hoping to run this server for a long, long time. BUT if we ever find that we are no longer able to continue with it then we will pass the server on to someone so that the community stays intact. We hope to remain with TeegeeCraft until the end of time but we want to provide a promise that this server will continue no matter what.

Why do I have to keep waiting for the relaunch. I want to play nooooooowwwwwww...

Believe me, I know what you mean. Teegee and I are so frickin' excited with how the server is looking that we are actually intending to play as players on the server under alt accounts. (And no, we will not be cheating or any dumb shit like that.) The reason why the development has been a time-consuming process is because we want to find that perfect balance between keeping what was great about TeegeeCraft before while also moving it forward and fine-tuning as many aspects as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has remained loyal to the TeegeeCraft community, even while we were away. It means a lot.


*** Stay tuned for more information as we chug along closer to relaunch time! ***
Good Day All,

I am pleased to announce that the TeegeeCraft World is available to download for everyone.
Please follow the instructions below to import this into your own Single Player.

T + C

1. The World shall not be redistributed or Sold in any form.
2. The World is only for Single Player worlds and not Servers..
3. All staff are not subject to give any support with map downloads or importing. But may choose to help if stuck.


The following Programs or similar are needed for this to work.
1. WinRar = http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
2. Knowledge of Accessing .Minecraft folder in %AppData% - Instruction here : http://www.overclock.net/t/471062/guide-how-to-access-appdata-quickly-easy

Download All links below and put them into a Folder..


Once Downloaded highlight them all and right click Extract to TeegeeWorld.

Once Extracted then copy the folder into .minecraft > Saves.

Launch Minecraft and click Singleplayer and select the Save teegeeWorld.

PLEASE Note this may take a while to download and copy as the Whole World is 10GB.
You will be in your last known location and will not have any Warps or SetHomes.

We hope you enjoy this.
Any Support issues please find me on TeamSpeak at - voice.teegeecraft.net

It is my sad duty to report that TeegeeCraft will be closing at Midnight EST this Sunday night.

Over the past few weeks some of the staff and players have heard that Teegee has had a couple of overnight hospital visits as well as doctor appointments. We were confident that it wasn't something serious, but a few days ago we found out that it was more serious than we thought. We wish to keep the details of the health issue private because Teegee just wants to be Teegee, not "Teegee, the girl with 'fill-in-the-blank'". As a result of this, Teegee has to have a reduced work schedule, but her new job will still be scheduling her to work on weekends. And soon my work schedule will be changing so that I work every weekend as well.

TeegeeCraft has encountered many challenges since its inception and has been able to overcome them with great success in most cases. But my wife (Teegee, in case you didn't know) is not well and we need our primary focus to be in getting her better. And the fact that we can't even properly be on the server during the weekends (the busiest time) to hang out and hold special events for all of you means that the overall quality of the server will deteriorate to a level that I simply cannot allow.

This server means more to Teegee and me than any of you could possibly know. It's the primary thing that I think about and dream about each day, and I also consider the success of this server to be the most valuable accomplishment of my life. I really don't care if anyone thinks that's #Lame because I consider it a huge honour to be a part of giving cool people like yourselves some fun in this life, especially at a time when the rest of the world appears to be going crazy. Because of just how much I value this server and this community, I cannot stand by to watch it slowly fade away, particularly while Teegee herself needs extra care. It's one extra bit of heartbreak that I know I cannot be a part of.

So the server will just end while we're all still together and having fun. It will end while we still have the chance to say goodbye, rather than watching players slowly disappear one by one. We'll get the chance to do screenies, do goodbye parties, and just end things as best as we possibly can because let's face it... there's not much "good" about this goodbye.

But before it all ends, I need to make a few things crystal fucking clear. TeegeeCraft is not ending because it's too expensive or because we're bored or because it failed.

1. We can afford to pay for the server for as long as we like and it's easy to restructure the costs, if necessary.

2. We are definitely not bored. For me, working on the technical aspects in the background has been an amazing experience and is always challenging (although it can certainly be frustrating sometimes as well). As for Teegee... if anyone has been in a TeamSpeak channel with her before on the weekends you know that she fucking loves it. I can assure you that her most enjoyable times each week is spending time with all of you.

3. TeegeeCraft has been a massive success considering we've always been able to pay the bills, the number of server crashes has been very few (particularly in the last few months), we've *never* had to do a rollback, and there is rarely any serious lag. Many other servers have regular crashes, constant lag and annoying rollbacks that their communities have to put up with. I am proud to say that our server has delivered outstanding quality on a regular basis, not to mention the fact that we also have cool and unique features that simply can't be found elsewhere.

I'm not kidding when I tell you that I was a total Owner noob when we first started. I certainly knew enough to launch the server but I really had no idea just how much more I was going to learn. Nor did I know just how much I would care for all the players and staff. It may sometimes seem like I'm distanced or quiet or just plain weird, but I can assure you that I really really care for each and every one of you a great deal. I have gone through days of hell sorting out bugs and working on updates just so that you peeps have something to look forward to when leaving the "regular" world and entering TeegeeCraft.

And now it's going away. And it sucks about as much as Donald Trump (sorry for the political insertion but I had to say it). There will be a number of reactions to this news: sadness, anger, disappointment, and even "meh"... all depending on how long you've been on the server and how many friends you've made on it. All of your reactions are valid, but I can assure you no one feels worse about this than Teegee and me. TeegeeCraft is such a huge part of us that life without it seems inconceivable.

Most of you will move on to different servers, I'm sure. And eventually some of you may just stop playing Minecraft altogether...

But for the few of you that hold TeegeeCraft close to you heart I want you to know that Teegee and I hope to one day bring it back. Yes, all hope is not lost. This is a server we simply cannot 100% give up on. If you choose not to join the reincarnation of the server then that's understandable and up to you. A lot of things need to fall into place for this to happen... a lot of luck, mostly... but it's possible. However, that won't be for a long while. How long? It's impossible to guess, but it will certainly be longer than just a few short months. Let's just say "a whole bunch of months at the very least". Like I mentioned earlier, I have learned a *lot* since launching the server, and if the server ever re-launches we will re-launch with a vengeance like no one's seen before. And the server will be bigger and better than before, I assure you. But at the moment it's a pretty big "if". And yes, if the "if" comes to pass then everyone's ranks will remain.

As upset as many of you will be at the news of the closing of the server, it's very important to me (and especially to Teegee) that the chat not go into a downward spiral of negativity. Please use the remainder of the time the server is still up to just hang out and say goodbye to your fellow TeegeeCrafters. If all you're going to do is just make everyone feel worse then please don't even bother to log on. Also, our TeamSpeak server (voice.teegeecraft.net) will continue to be up even after the server closes, just in case anyone wants to use it to continue to talk to friends, listen to music or use it to (*gasp*) play another game or another server.

It's also important to not harass the staff about this decision because they found out about it the same day as everyone else, and I'm sure they're just as sad and disappointed as anyone. If anyone really needs to swear at somebody then please private message me all your anger. Although I would much prefer a more positive message if at all possible. :)

In conclusion, let me end this with a photo I took today. I wrote #TeegeeCraft4Ever on a sheet of paper and put it out in the world. For anyone who has ever loved this server, I ask you to do the same. Simply write #TeegeeCraft4Ever on something and put it somewhere, anywhere outside and take a picture of it. Then upload it to this thread. Even if you're sad or angry... that's all I'm asking you guys to do.

Over the past few weeks the economy of Survival has become unstable, primarily because of the size of auto farms. What has also been impacted is the performance of the server which has seen occasional lag issues not ever seen before on this server. We all want to play on a server with a stable economy and a lag-free environment, so we will need to make an adjustment in how auto farms are made. The rule on auto farms will be simple:

- An auto farm can only be built at the Y:100 coord or below
- The maximum length and width of an auto farm will be 25x25
- A player may have only one auto farm on their land claim, but the farm can include any combination of farmable items
- No alt accounts can be used to create a second land claim

All players will have a week to make any possible adjustments to their auto farm. November 1 is the date the rule comes into full effect. During this week, players cannot build their farms larger than the Y:100 / 25x25 size. If a player is seen building their farm larger than that during the week, they will be warned and a portion of their farm will be deleted.

If a player has not adjusted their farm to the new size after the week has passed, they will be warned and their farm will be adjusted by a Manager or Owner.

*** Protecting the state of a server's economy is extremely important to maintain its integrity and continued development. And ensuring there is a farm limit size for each player also helps to protect the server against the dreaded lag. ***

Thank you all for complying to this new rule. If you have any questions, please feel free to private message me on the forum or on the server.